Southern University Quarterback Club, East Baton Rouge Area Chapter, Inc. a non profit organization dedicated to supporting the athletic programs of Southern University by assisting in bringing publicity and information about the programs to the attention of the public, there by increasing attendance at games and encouraging quality high school athletes to consider Southern University for their next level of academic and sports participation.  Revenues are derived principally from the Organization's programs and contributions.

The SU Quarterback Club through donations and fundraising activities supplement strategic program initiatives including funding scholarships, facilities, operating budgets and academic support for Southern University athletic department. 

The SU Quarterback Club is one of the oldest Supporters of Southern University Athletics.


2014-2015 Officers

President: Jonathan Dearbone

Vice- President: Reginald Jarvis

Secretary: Betty Jones

Membership: Sheila Minor

Chaplain: Albert Williams

Sergeant at Arms: Clyde Wyatt


"Supporters of the Gold and Blue"

Southern University

                 Quarterback Club